Aspen Boy Baby Name

Cool facts about baby boy name Aspen

What does AI think of baby name Aspen?

Perhaps technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, can provide baby name help. We asked a revolutionary AI, GPT-2 small model from OpenAI, 'Why is the best boy baby name Aspen?' GPT-2 replies:

Why is the best boy baby name Aspen? He was named that because he was really hot.

What does GPT-2 think about Artjom?

How many baby boys are named Aspen?

YearPlace BabyBoys PlaceRank
2019USA 160 1187
2015USA 87 1741
2015England and Wales 3 4747
2015Alberta 1 2064
2010USA 55 2321
2000USA 45 2197
2000England and Wales 6 1889
2000Northern Ireland 1 378
1990USA 8 5866
1990Alberta 1 979