Cedar Boy Baby Name

Cool facts about baby boy name Cedar

What does AI think of baby name Cedar?

Perhaps technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, can provide baby name help. We asked a revolutionary AI, GPT-2 small model from OpenAI, 'Why is the best boy baby name Cedar?' GPT-2 replies:

Why is the best boy baby name Cedar? Well, let's be real and give him a second chance. He comes first in this list because he is the top-ranked boy who is at the top of our list of Top Boys Out of School and he's the best boy.

What does GPT-2 think about Kirkland?

How many baby boys are named Cedar?

YearPlace BabyBoys PlaceRank
2019USA 157 1210
2015USA 109 1504
2015England and Wales 3 4747
2015South Australia 1 1046
2015Alberta 3 1005
2010USA 50 2470
2010Alberta 3 910
2000USA 19 4075
1990USA 6 7303
1980USA 11 3644