Nevada Boy Baby Name

Cool facts about baby boy name Nevada

What does AI think of baby name Nevada?

Perhaps technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, can provide baby name help. We asked a revolutionary AI, GPT-2 small model from OpenAI, 'Why is the best boy baby name Nevada?' GPT-2 replies:

Why is the best boy baby name Nevada? We have no idea how many counties are affected by this story.

What does GPT-2 think about Wilkins?

How many baby boys are named Nevada?

YearPlace BabyBoys PlaceRank
2019USA 7 10427
2015Scotland 1 1234
2010USA 6 11752
2000USA 27 3192
2000Alberta 4 500
1990USA 19 3269
1980USA 15 3054
1970USA 14 2587