Azure Girl Baby Name

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What does AI think of baby name Azure?

Perhaps technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, can provide baby name help. We asked a revolutionary AI, GPT-2 small model from OpenAI, 'Why is the best girl baby name Azure?' GPT-2 replies:

Why is the best girl baby name Azure? Yes! I'm not looking for a list of names. If you are looking for a name that I can name you, which I can write for you, you may call yourself Azure." – Yang Xiao Long "But she is a girl name.

What does GPT-2 think about Anni?

How many baby girls are named Azure?

YearPlace BabyGirls PlaceRank
2019USA 29 4639
2015USA 35 4132
2015Alberta 1 2370
2010USA 43 3623
2010South Australia 1 1113
2000USA 46 3026
1990USA 23 4251
1980USA 29 3000
1980Alberta 1 1170