Bari Girl Baby Name

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What does AI think of baby name Bari?

Perhaps technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, can provide baby name help. We asked a revolutionary AI, GPT-2 small model from OpenAI, 'Why is the best girl baby name Bari?' GPT-2 replies:

Why is the best girl baby name Bari? You betcha. And you don't want to be me... *sigh* Oh! This girl is so cute. Not the guy you'd like to be. It's just us... Not you.

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How many baby girls are named Bari?

YearPlace BabyGirls PlaceRank
2000USA 8 10862
1990USA 20 4711
1980USA 35 2655
1970USA 40 2043
1960USA 78 1237
1950USA 33 1627
1940USA 6 3900